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How To Roleplay

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How To Roleplay

Post by kingdamo on Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:30 pm

ok guys this is how it goes every month a card will be put up with ur fights ffrom then onwards u will roleplay with
ur opponent or anyone else u can pritty much say anything aslong as it is reasonable and u dont kill someone in ur promo
this will give u the oppurtunity to build up ur promo the better u are at the promos the more oppurtunity u get for a tittle shot
and aslong as u win ur fight

when its fight time i will be creating ur fighter on the new ufc 2010 xbox game so u will need to fill out an application form and post
it in the aplication desk so i can create ur fighter
all the fights will be put on cpu vs cpu and all stats will be even so it is completely
random on whoever wins i will then record the fight and post it for all u to be able to download and watch

from then onwards the same thing will happen there will be only 1 weight class for the first couple of events
but in all i belive this willl be alot of fun i have been apart of a wrestling site just like this and i had lots and lots of fun even became champion

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