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Hoffman on Jones, Williams, Hughes, Xtreme Hofman and Da Razza

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Hoffman on Jones, Williams, Hughes, Xtreme Hofman and Da Razza

Post by goedy18 on Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:36 am

Lee: Im here at Xtreme Hoffman MMA with the former Elite champion Ryan Hoffman. How are you?

Hoffman: Things are so ace at the moment, things have been fair chilled to say the least.

Lee: Now your fighting Jake Jones someone you don't like and have already beaten, do you feel ready for this fight?

Hoffman: I've beat him before, he's changed up his camp to improve only thing is he joined Australian Top Team which is a joke. The guy is one dimensional and i plan on knocking him out like i did last time.

Lee: Will you change your game plan for this fight, compared to the last fight?

Hoffman: We will see on the night, i could stand up with him again or i could take him to the ground, the fight will take place wherever i want it to.

Lee: Now Williams has had a lot to say about the Xreme Hoffman v ATT match ups and you what are your thoughts on it?

Hoffman: He's a nobody he just wants to be in the spot light. He is underestimating Hughes and i can't see him beating Hughes. If he honestly thinks i give to shits what he say he's an idiot. Im in another league to him, Jones and himself are going to leave MMA Elite 5 with another loss on there record.

Lee: How is the gym going?

Hoffman: As you may know we have joined forces with 10th planet jiu jitsu in making the gym a better place to learn and train. Our staff is top quality and we have many great sparring partners who specialise in there chosen field, unlike at ATT all you've got is Jones and Williams.

Lee: Now Da Razza beat you at MMA Elite 4 to become the new champion, he hasn't had much to say about it. What do you think of him as a champion?

Hoffman: As a fighter he is good, he beat me but as a champion he is a joke. He dosn't promote the sport and he thinks he can walk around as a champion and not promote the company just keep quiet and stay in the closet. I think he should man up come out of the closet and finally man up and speak, cause im not going to be so nice to him next time i meet him in the octagon. He has really pissed me off and i can't wait to knock him out after i beat down Jones.

Lee: Thanks for your time.

Hoffman: Cheers


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