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Ryan Hoffman Talks to MMA Elite on his upcoming fight with Jake Jones

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Ryan Hoffman Talks to MMA Elite on his upcoming fight with Jake Jones

Post by goedy18 on Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:03 pm

What do you really think of Jake Jones?
He's a joke and an embarrassment to the sport of MMA, he's not wanted and shows disrespect to all those who he competes with. Who's he beaten a little whiny bitch that i have never heard of. He talks a big game but you know it shows he scared, he's use to being hit with a chair, he's use to fake fighting. The big difference between his wrestling and MMA is that this sport is not fake. He says he hardly ever trains all he cares about is being rich. He fight for himself, i fight for the fans, i will fight anyone at anytime and i proved that in my last fight against Shogun who is now the current UFC light heavyweight champion.

Do you believe you deserve a title shot in your first fight at MMA Elite?
Yes, i didn't sign a contract to fight the nobodies of this company, Im coming of a knockout win over Shogun, i was expected to get my ass kicked but what happened i got on top of him used my famous ground and pound and showed the MMA world that i am a contender in this devision. If Mr Jones believes i'm a nobody i think he should get his head out his ass and look in the mirror and see that he has no hope at beating me.

Did your friendship with Damian Williams have anything to do with the title shot?
I don't know, you'll have to ask him. We havn't known each other for to long but i can see that him and Jake Jones don't get along and i think it was in his opinion the best way to shut Jake Jones's mouth was by getting the best to fight in MMA Elite. If im gonna get offered a title shot in my first fight i'm gonna take it and make full use of this opportunity.

What do you think about Jake Jones's racial remarks towards MMA Elite?
He's scared, he's gonna do all he can to get out of this fight, wouldn't supprise me to find out he got injured days before the fight. He says he's 1/9th indian or something like that, its just a load of bull shit really. You know he comes out talking smack and im a nice guy i have never and i mean never disliked a guy as much as i dislike Jake Jones, the way he walks around thinking he is a god, he's beat no one good, he's had one pro fight and well done to him he pulled out a win with a lucky punch, but what can he do on the ground nothing.

Do you respect Jake Jones's ability as a fighter?
I've said it before, i respect everyone who has the courage to enter the octagon, but the way you carry yourself in and out is were you get the real respect. You don't respect your opponent its going to be a short night and your probably not gonna know what happened. So i will always respect my opponent inside the cage but you get my real respect by the way you act outside the cage and he dosn't have my respect in that aspect at all.

Do you believe because of his days in wrestling he dosn't really understand the sport?
Look at him, the way he acts shows he hasn't made the switch over, you look at his last fight and he was lucky to pull out a win he has a god chin i guess you get that from being dropped on your head as a kid but he isn't a true mixed martial artist and i plan to show the world that. After i give him the beatdown of his life he's going to wish he never signed up to this sport.


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Re: Ryan Hoffman Talks to MMA Elite on his upcoming fight with Jake Jones

Post by JakeJones on Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:38 pm

"Its Quite Nice To know that My Opponent isn't Just a figment of Damian's Imagination"

(Jake Jones Interupts Ryan Hoffmans Interview and stares at Ryan Hoffman before taking a seat besides the interviewer after a few moments of silence, Jake Jones Angrily rips the Microphone from the interviewers hand and starts taping it with his palm before speaking.)

Jake Jones: So Your Ryan Hoffman, The Great Ryan Hoffman. The Man, I've heard so much about and still doesn't impress me, why is that, I Guess I Just don't see you as a threat. it took you days to respond to me and the people and I see you have heard of my work, I See your quite the Fan of Double J Jake Jones or should I Say Your Light Heavyweight Champion, Jake Jones. But you see, Mr. Hoffman before you insult me again, Maybe I Should Reply to some of your remarks with some of my own and after I've done replying, You can give me some questions, I'll give you some questions and we will see where this leads, Hopefully down the road to championship glory for me.

(Jake Jones Stops for a second and takes a sip of water.)

Jake Jones: You think, im an embarrassment to the world of MMA, You think im Just a show poney from the pro-wrestling scene. Well as embarrassing as I May be, I've actually won a match in mma elite, where were you last week, when MMA elite Debuted, oh wait I Know. You wern't even invited, you weren't called, you weren't emailed, you weren't good enough. Now Damian Williams calls you because some guy gets injuried and has to be replaced. How do you feel, being second fiddle to tyler gold, how do you feel about being the second choice, if tyler gold didn't get injuried you wouldn't even be here, taking up the air I breathe. Hoffman, If you win the Light Heavyweight Championship, It will prove to everyone and myself, that this company is the bottom of the barrel. You fight for the fans, well how long will that take, how long will it take before the fans turn on you, before everyone turns on you and starts rooting for the home town boy, or the underdog, you can't always be the fan favourite, shit don't happen that way and you got to understand, you take the hand your dealt, if your dealt a cheer, you got a cheer, you got friends. If your dealt a boo, You get money and lonelyness. The Best Fighters are the fighters that are beyond average people and actually show the people why they are better. You see I Talk the talk and I Walk the walk, I proved it last week and I Don't need to prove it to a guy, that hasn't proven to me anything or these fans.

(Jake Jones Smiles cockily as he continues.)

Jake Jones: You Honestly Belive, You deserve to get a title shot. You say Im cocky, but your full of it, By you saying you actually deserve a title shot without a number 1 contender match, makes you cockier then I and Makes you quite a hated man. You see, How do you think it makes other fighters feel, Knowing that you came from an unknown federation and are going for the title instead of them. It kinda make's you a wanted man, A Guy with a target on his back, You say I Ain't wanted around here, That may be true, But I Did earn a title shot unlike yourself. At least I Fought for my title shot, I Didn't suck up to the boss and be a brown noser, like yourself. Damian williams and you are best friends, your Like his hired hitman, to get rid of me, once and for all. its a shame, when the match will be over and you will be sent back to the lower leagues once again. Once damian williams has had enough of you, he will replace you and I, I Will be laughing my ass off, Mr. Hoffman. You said I Think Im Like god, Well Your wrong. I Don't think im god, Plainly, Im better then god, Im better then every religion and Im better then the world itself. The afterlife and the before life and the during life and all that crap is nothing compared to Jake Jones, Jake Jones is the god of MMA and The God of Pro-Wrestling. You dislike me because I Don't fear you, You dislike the way, I ain't taking you seriously and You really Dislike the way, I Disrespect you and verbally bitch slap you but I Don't blame you. I'd Also Dislike the guy who's going to beat you for the championship.

(Jake Jones Takes another sip of the water before continuing.)

Jake Jones: Im a mainevent star, I Have name Value, When People think Jake Jones, They Think Money, Entertaining and Asshole. They Think, What a cocky superstar but Im going to pay to see him win because He's the truth. If your not cocky, then your not confident, then your going to get your ass kicked. You can Respect me in the octogon all you want, I'll do anything to win, You can go for the whole fist bump at the start of the fight if you want but, I Gaurentee you go for the fist bump, I'll go for my fist to your head bump and we will see you KOwned.

(Jake Jones Takes another sip and throws the bottle over the interviewer and at Ryan Hoffman.)

Jake Jones: At the end of the Day thoe, when all the lights are on and ryan hoffmans laying on the floor rubbing his head wondering what went wrong. As Damian Williams is ripping up ryan hoffmans contract and placing it in the disposable bin. As Ryan hoffmans being stretchered out, Jake Jones Hands up in the air, the fans are smiling, The new contracts being written up and the title belt is staying around the sexiest man in the world.


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