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Damian Williams Interviewed about his camp and training 5 days before fight

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Damian Williams Interviewed about his camp and training 5 days before fight

Post by kingdamo on Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:55 pm

artical from mma sports magazine

INTERVIEWER:Damian Williams thanks for comming how are you

DW: im great thanks

IV:thats good now how was ur training camp for this fight where are you training

DW: well im still training at my normal camp australian top team in south australia and this was probably the best training ive ever had for a fight im really focused and ready for this fight with CB

IV: damian dose beeing the presadent of MMA elite make it harder to train

DW: no its not hard at all beeing a presadent its just like having two jobs if i get a call i just take it whille training i have my promoters and match makers i dont really do much i have people to do it for me i just make sure they do it right
IV: what are you working on for your fight with CB.

DW: well im really working on my clinch work cb really used that against jake jones with his knees and i have no idea how jake lasted threw that but yea i really need to work on that coz his knees are leathal..

IV:if you are to win this match what will be your goals for the future?

DW: my goal if %100 percent to get my match with jake jones its no secret we hate each other win or lose i will get my fight with jake jones. it might be next month or it might be in 2 years but i will get my fight with him and beat the snot out of him

IV: Do you have any last words for chris brooks before your site

DW: good luck Chris your a nice guy but ive trained way to hard for this fight and im not going to disapoint my fans

IV;thank you damian and good luck

DW:thank you



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