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Ryan Hoffman on upcoming fight

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Ryan Hoffman on upcoming fight

Post by goedy18 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:12 pm

Chris: How are you Ryan?

Hoffman: Not to bad, things are all good.

Chris: Good to hear, so hows training ad the weight cut going?

Hoffman: The weights coming off nice and easy, ive been doing it for years so its second nature for me now. Ive been training super hard for this fight down at Australian Top Team in Adelaide with Damian Williams and Jake Hughes. Working on all areas of my game. I've brought in some top jui-jitsu guys so you may see a submission, hahahaha

Chris: So have you done anything different in this camp for the fight?

Hoffman: Nope, Jones is a one dimensional fighter, im not use to that, im use to fighting good people, but with that being said im not going to underestimate him in the stand up departmet. You know i usually train to fight on the ground, but i know my stand up is better than his, so who knows what Ryan Hoffman your going to see.

Chris: Do you think it will be a war?

Hoffman: I can't really see it being a war, i can see me hitting him, him getting hurt and the fight will in the first round. no doubt in my mind.

Chris: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to come chat.

Hoffman: No problem, next time you see me i will be the new MMA Elite Light heavyweight champion.


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Re: Ryan Hoffman on upcoming fight

Post by CB. on Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:54 am

Chris Brooks walks into the room as the interview finishes.

Oh Ryan, nice to meet you. Umm well since I am here now I just want to congratulate yu on becoming the first champion as you are pretty much going to have it handed to you art the event. So at the next event you will have to fight for it cos wining it will not be as easy as keeping it. So yeah. Enjoy the moment.

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