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Im lacking the respect I Deserve.

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Im lacking the respect I Deserve.

Post by JakeJones on Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:05 am

(Jake Jones is seen sitting down in the middle of the hallway as people pass him by ignoring him completely, Jake has a little fit in the middle of the hallway and then stands up angrily because no one is acknowledging him. Jake Jones kicks a bin over and screams "This ain't Funny". Finnally a few interviewers run over to talk to Jake Jones grabs one of the microphones and starts talking.)

Jake Jones: No Respect from anyone. No One respects me, Every day another worthless peice of monkey poo comes out of the under leagues and insults me. Its like i have a target on my back because im good. Why is it the people that give it there all to there company are thes ones with the X's on there back. Why do people like me, the people that actually work hard at there job, get insulted and treated like a child. Ryan Hoffman on the other hand has all the other MMA elite fighters on his side, congradulating him and all these people are trying to psych me out. They know im the best, there trying to get me off my game. We only have a few MMA elite fighters and every fighter in this federation hates me and is gunning for me. Its like im the best and im being punished for it. The guy that brings in all the fans and the money is the guy everyones jealous at, it makes sense but instead of being jealous, why don't they make an impact. Why don't they try harder, why don't they get there ass of there seats and start actually fighting. You see I Don't need to train, Im beyond training. My training is all mentally. You think I Suck and then I Prove you wrong, thats my training and it worked against chris brooks why wouldn't it work against ryan "Bryan" Hoffman.

(Jake Jones calms down a little.)

Jake Jones: If I lose my title belt, tonight. I Don't know what im going to do about it but I know one thing, I'll take it back and the harder he hits me, is the harder i hit him back. Just like CIA don't negoitate with terriosts, I Don't negoitate with ryan hoffman. this is going to be a war tonight, Im like osama bin ladin, in this war. Im going to demolish him and then im running and hiding and changing my identity, so i can keep my title away from you. They Haven't found Osama yet, Just Like I Haven't been beaten yet.

(Jake Jones starts to walk away as someone says "Did he Just Say OSAMA")
Jake Jones: Come on, Seriously. Am I Gonna be banned from saying his name, I mean my god is this the voldermort of the world. He who shall not be named, Osama is a joke, haven't you seen family guy or any other cartoon who make fun of him. The difference with me and people like you is, Your a pussy and the war is no place for pussys like you.


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