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Damian Talks About MMA ELITE 3

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Damian Talks About MMA ELITE 3

Post by kingdamo on Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:43 pm

Interviewer:Damian how are u felling after you win against Chris Brooks

Damian Williams: well i was happy to get the win but i wasnt happy with my performance nothing against cb but i should have won alot easier

iv: whats ur game plan against marcin on July 11th

Damian Williams: i want a submission win no one has done that in MMA ELITE yet so i wanna be the first

iv: what are you future goals in mma elite

Damian Williams: i dont make goals all i can say is i will beat marcin and then i will fight Jones and prove to my self that he is no better then i am

interviewer: now we all know you and jake jones have had history in the past why do you two hate each other

Damian WIlliams: well we were best friends and we were both in the crf which is a fake wrestling company now the story line was for me to betray him so i did now he must have been dropped on his head to many times because he took it personaly into the real world and started hating on me once that federation closed down i invited him into MMA ELITE now once he joined i thought it was over and we were all good but then he walks in to my office and starts right back up again ive had enough and i guess im gona have to beat it in to him.

IV: thank u damian



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