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Ryan Hoffman Ridicules MMA Elite 3 (Must Read)

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Ryan Hoffman Ridicules MMA Elite 3 (Must Read)

Post by goedy18 on Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:42 pm

I got the chance to sit down and have a little chat with the new and first ever MMA Elite Light Heavyweight Champion Ryan Hoffman, Here is what he had to say about being champion and his thoughts on the upcoming event.

Deb: Im here at Extreme Hoffman MMA with the new and first ever MMA Elite light Heavyweight champion, Ryan Hoffman.How are you?

Ryan: Deb, im feeling great after the outcome of my last fight, things have been going great. How about you?

Deb: Im good, thanks for asking. So How does it feel to be the first Elite champion?

Ryan: Things havn't changed to much, more people are starting to come up to me in the streets wanting to take photos with them, i love the fans and i love the response im getting back from them. Other than that i havn't changed to much. And all the beautiful women throwing themselves at me thats nice also.



Deb:Lets get back on track.

Ryan: Of course

Deb: What are your thoughts on your fight with Jake Jones? Did you do what you wanted to do?

Ryan: All i wanted to do was shut his mouth, i think thats an impossible job but i was able to do it for a little while i knocked him the f**k out. Im happy with the outcome i beat him at his own game so i cant be to upset with how the fight went.

Deb: So you wanted to stand u with him?

Ryan: I knew my stand up was better than his my ground game is on another level compared to his, so i just wanted to make it interesting and entertain the fans and give them the kinda fights they want to see. If i beat him at his own game it just shows he shouldn't be put in fights of importance.

Deb: Now i've noticed you decided to leave Australian Top Team and created your own gym, why is that?

Ryan: Well, I loved training at Australian Top Team, it was a world class gym. I was training with some of the best in Damian Williams and Jake Hughes but there my opponents in elite mma and i know thse to have wicked skills and i would love nothing more than to meet them in the octagon and i can't fight them if they are in my training camp. So because i want to put on the best fights the fans want to see i thought it would be best for me to move make my own gym and train hard and one day meet them in the octagon. Im doing it for the fans.

Deb: So loyal to the fans

Ryan: Couldn't be doing what i love if it wasn't for them.

Deb: So what are your thoughts on MMA Elite 3?

Ryan: To be honest its a very weak card with weak fights, no Hoffman no entertainment. Jones vs CB 2? Come on. CB hes a great guy i respect him a lot but he has no talent, He lost to Jake Jones!!! i mean the fans want high class fights and thats just not. Its going to be like watching to little girls have a tickle fight. Jake Jones is a joke and i can't believe Williams would put him in another mainevent i swear something is going on between them to........sexually. hahaha, you know im only joking Damo.

Deb: Da Razza is fighting your former teammate Jake Hughes, what are your thoughts?

Ryan: Hughesy is a beast he will walk through Da Razza, It's another terrble match up but with that being said anything can happen, but i see it being a boring fight. We will get to see what Hughesy can do but its a terrible fight match up wise.

Deb: What about the Williams v Zambela fight?

Ryan: Boring, Williams has the power and is giving him the fights he wants not the fights the fans want and it pisses me off to be honest with you. He's living a dream, in a dream only good things happen because you have the power to do what you want when you want and he's doing that exactly. giving him the fights he wants. And Zambela he dosn't faze me at all. If he wins good on him can't see it happening though, he's not as good as Williams in certain areas and thats where his downfall will be.

Deb: So with time off, what do you plan on doing with yourself?

Ryan: Getting Extreme Hoffman MMA, started off and training real hard for my next fight, whoever it may be.

Deb: Any last words for the fans and anyone who reads or hears this?

Ryan: To the fans i love you all, keeps supporting MMA if it wasn't for you i would not be fighting and to everyone else if you want to watch some good mma don't watch MMA Elite 3 just chuck on some old Ryan Hoffman videos that way you will be entertained.

Deb: Thanks for your time Ryan its been an honor to spend some time with the first every MMA Elite Light heavyweight Champion.

Ryan: The pleasure has been all mine.


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