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Retirement on The Brink? Jake Jones Interview aftermath

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Retirement on The Brink? Jake Jones Interview aftermath

Post by JakeJones on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:16 am

(One On One Interview with Jake Jones after the Main Event on where he lost the title. Jake Jones is seen extremely upset and after hours of yelling through the back halls "im going to retire you Mother f****" Jake has finally calmed down and is not shaking with rage anymore. Jake Jones claps his hand to start the interview.)

Lee Harding: Jake Jones, after beating Chris Brooks at MMA Elite One, you went on to lose against Ryan Hoffman at MMA Elite Two, any words.

(Jake Jones holds out his finger to stop the interviewer from saying anything more.)

Jake Jones: I Didn’t Lose, I never tapped out, I never gave up, I Never quit. I never ever lose. Me Getting knocked out was purely, not me losing. Did you even see that fight, did you see me dominate, and I was the better man in that fight. Ryan Hoffman Ain’t on the next card because he’s beaten and battered. I’ve been on every single card since this federation’s debut; Ryan Hoffman is a bad champion and that’s all I got to say about that. He didn’t knock me out, I Knocked my self out; I used all my stamina up and feel down due to dehydration. You see, There is someone to blame for me getting knocked out and it isn’t Ryan Hoffman and it isn’t Jake Jones entirely, I Can also blame the MMA elite trainers, that gave me an awful drink and I think they were anti-Jones fans, period. They tried to sabotage me and they did just that. I Think Damian Williams sent them; He’s an undercover terriost, trying to bomb my soul. They gave me Gatorade when I specifically asked for water. But you know what it doesn’t matter because, I should know this, I Should know, I Can’t be champion of a place that is a home for terriosts. You see, Im the good in an evil place. For the good to prevail you must get the evil heart, no use fighting these second hand men also known as the liver and the brain, you gotta go for the boss. But seriously I’ll get his ass, soon enough, when his time comes, He won’t be the one deciding, He will be the one agreeing.

(Jake Jones Pauses as he waits for another question.)

Lee Harding: Jake Jones, You think Damian screwed you out of the championship, why.

(Jake Jones Laughs.)

Jake Jones: Hah, What possible other reason is out there, I Lost, Hah. I never lose, Im the true champion and the people rioting in the streets know it and I know it. Damian Williams has a vendetta against me and the only reason I have for his vendetta is because it’s simply fact, He Injured my suppose to be title opponent and put his buddy in instead. It’s a conspiracy involving everyone to get me out of the title picture and they want to push me out of that main event circle of champions but you see, I Ain’t a push over, Im a true believer in what Jake Jones wants Jake Jones gets and there’s nothing truer then that.

(Lee Harding nods at Jake Jones question.)

Lee Harding: Damian has put you in a rematch against Chris brooks who is 0-2 and is looking to make a name off you after his first match and try to make a comeback at your expense.

Jake Jones: Chris brooks, Hah. No comment. I’ve said everything and I’ve proved everything against him. This is a waist of my time and the fans time, because the exact same thing will happen again. I will get another bonus for knock out of the night. You know what, I think its time you go, you see, I have a lot of the thinking to do on the future of MMA Elite and me being apart of it, so shoo.


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