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The Hurricane

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The Hurricane

Post by Hughesy on Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:41 pm

Scott Steele: Ladies and gentlemen I am here with the biggest signing in the history of MMA Elite, Jake 'The Hurricane' Hughes! Jake thank you for your time today.

Jake Hughes: Hey man, it's good to be here.

Scott Steele: Now you have an up coming fight at MMA Elite 3 against a tough fighter in Da Razza who has a had an impressive win against Marcin Zembala what are your thoughts of this fight???

Jake Hughes: Well yes he has got that win but he also has a terrible loss to that joke Tyler Gold, to be honest it is a joke that I have to fight this guy.

Scott Steele: wow they are some strong words

Jake Hughes: Well it is a joke! I agree with what Ryan Hoffman said about how boring this card is going to be. Luckily I am on the card so there will be something good to watch for the fans when I dominate and knock out Da Razza.

Scott Steele: well why do you believe that Da Razza is not a quality opponent???

Jake Hughes: It is pretty simple, I have seen his fights and nothing he has done has impressed me, I believe I am a better fighter in every area of the game, my stand up is faster and my hands are heavier, and my ground game is so much better, the fact is I should not be wasting my time against jokes like Da Razza. So I am going to get in that cage dominate him, take my pay cheque and start getting ready for a real fight.

(Jake Hughes gets up to leave but stops to say one more thing)

Jake Hughes: Oh and lastly I would like to apologise to all the fans out there for this outburst and the fact that they have to watch this joke Da Razza in the cage with someone of my amazing skill, really this is Bulls@#!t

(Jake Hughes gets up and leaves the interview obviously upset about the fight)

Scott Steele: Well there you go ladies and gentlemen, The Hurricane obviously expects more, hopefully he shows it in the Cage at MMA Elite 3

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