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Brooks faces the Media before Elite 3

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Brooks faces the Media before Elite 3

Post by CB. on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:47 pm

Brooks enters the press room to answer some questions.

Journalist 1: Chris Brooks, your absence around the house has left an impression you are scared to face Jones again. What do you say about these theory's?

Brooks: Anyone may think whatever they like, yeah I admit I have been quiet as of late but i am focused and determined not scared or hurt. I am looking forward to the rematch. I respect Jones so I ain't going to prepare lightly.

Journalist 2: Brooks thanks for your time, now everyone is expecting you to lose again because of your poor record and Jones has already defeated you, any comments on this?

Brooks: Once again, I am going into the fight as if this is a fresh start, old records means nothing when your heading into the future. I am just looking forward to be fighting against Jones and fighting in general.

Journalist 3: Chris, you seem to be hiding from everyone as of late do you agree?

Brooks: How about the lot of you, care about me and what I think. Instead of asking how I feel about others opinions and thoughts. I am going into this match as if its a totally new ball game and I do not care what anyone else thinks. And since you do not care how I feel about this. I am out, waste of time all of you. see you at the PPV where then my feelings will be shocking to all the critics and pisstakers out there.

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