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Applying to Elite

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Applying to Elite

Post by CB. on Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:12 am

Applying and Getting Started.

Firstly, welcome to MMA Elite.
King Damo and CB. are the people to go to when help is needed.

Once you have signed up, to get started you must APPLY using the Application Template.

Once Applied and accepted, you then must create a page about yourself, you can use the same info from the template along with extra stuff telling us who you are and some information about your fighter. That is done in the Roster section.

Once applied and you have created your roster page. Start to Promo and this is where you earn title fights and begin rivalries. Start new threads your reply to others but to get title shots this is where you must spend your time.

Any help needed contact CB. or King Damo.

Thanks, from MMA Elite.

CB. MMA Elite Admin

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