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Post Number Belts System

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Post Number Belts System

Post by CB. on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:59 pm

Post Number Belt System

As all members once signed up, many fields were to be filled out.
The Belt field in what our POST COUNT is.
The number under this also named Belt is linked to it.

When posting each post is counted up, more the posts, the higher class of belt you receive.
Its just an easy way to see what member have posted more than others.

All you do is post and your belt will eventually change colour.

NEW/WHITE belt start at 0 ends at 79

BLUE belt starts at 80 ends at 199

PURPLE belt starts at 200 ends at 499

BROWN/ORANGE belt starts at 500 ends at 999

BLACK belts starts at 1000

This may change without notice.


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