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no more MR nice presadent

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no more MR nice presadent

Post by kingdamo on Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:56 am

Damian is intervied by extreme mma

John:damian how are u felling after ur first defeat in mma

Damian:Well john i had the right game plan comming in and i exicuted it perfectly i just dropped my hands and got caught

John: did u expect zambela to have such heavy hands

Damian : no i didnt i took him really lightly and it cost me but i mean he looks more busted up then i do and now hes the least of my worries he beat me we move on and i move on to jake jones.

John : we did here that it was confirmed on that the grudge match beetween u and jake jones was confirmed for mma elite 4 what are your thoughts on this?

Damian : well jake jones has been a pain in my next for the last few years and now i am finaly going to break his neck. this mother fucker thinks hes top shit around here and im going to make him think diferantly im going to kick the shit out of jones more then hoffman did and when im finished he will be crying to his mummy and throwing his carear slip in my face then i will rip it up into little peices and kick his sorry ass out of mma elite this isnt going to be an honarable fight no this is going to be the biggest bloodbath in mma elite history i hope i break something of his if i dont then i will be very disapointed no more mr nice damian williams jake jones im on the war path and ur standing at the front door

Damian stands up and leaves the room slamming the door

John: well there you have it foks i would hate tgo be jake jones ...



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