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Ryan Hoffman Speaks about MMA Elite

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Ryan Hoffman Speaks about MMA Elite

Post by goedy18 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:01 pm

Areill: Ryan Hoffman What were your thoughts on MMA Elite 3?

Hoffman: Boring, i fell asleep halfway through the event, fights were shit. No surprise there Mr Williams.

Areill: What are your thoughts on Jake Hughes's dismal display?

Hoffman: Can't believe it, but what do you expect when i leave his training camp. He has a lot to work on so it won't surprise me to see him leave Australian Top Team and joins Extreme Hoffman. Plus his stand up was terrible and he was clearly in the right mind set, so hopefully i can teach him a few things so he can actually win.

Areill: Who do you think could be the possible number one contender for your belt?

Hoffman: Dosn't bother me one bit who is the number one contender at all, cause i will beat them. Im the number one fighter in the world and i will show that again and again. If i have to fight Da Razza that will be an easy win. He's all stand up and i have nothing to prove to him so im going to take him down ground and pound and do whatever it takes to get the stoppage. If i have to fight that fuckhead of a cunt pedo faggot Jake Jones i will be more than happy to knock that kid the fuck out for a second time. Thats the fight i want, a nice easy win and the satisfaction of breaking that guys jaw.

Aerill: Strong words, what are your thoughts on C.B and Damian Williams loses?

Hoffman: Those two need to leave the sport get together adopt some children and get married like the queers they are. I can't stand them, why is CB still in the sport he's 0-3 in MMA. He's a fucking loser and absolute talentless bum, and same goes for williams he's shit at MMA losing to Zambela a guy who's more than likely going to be cut from MMA Elite.

Areill: Thanks for your time

Hoffman: No probs


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