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Debut of the Jone Zone.

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Debut of the Jone Zone.

Post by JakeJones on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:25 pm

(The Scene opens to a television screen counting down from 10. As it goes to one, Jake Jones Presents comes up and the screen goes black a few seconds later. Gold and Red fireworks go up and the lights come on to see Jake Jones and Two Former MMA Fighters sitting beside him. Jake Jones smiles and waves to the screen as the audience in the crowd cheer. Jake Jones waits for the fireworks to be done and then speaks to the audiece.)

Jake Jones: Welcome to The Debut of The Jone Zone, Presented by Jake Jones Incorporated and no we are not affliated with that dieing MMA fighting show, MMA Elite. We are our own main event talk show, we are gonna go into places people don't wanna talk about. In This first week, Im Gonna talk about My Boss, Damian "Can't stand out of the limelight" Williams.

(Jake Jones takes a sip of his botte and then begins talking again.)

Jake Jones: MMA Elite is a dieing show and why is this, Frankly its because we got dead weight here in MMA Elite. I Have been in every show since ths brands debut. I've worked my ass off to entertain the crowds. Im 2-1 at the moment and I Feel disrespected. Most superstars are feeling like that and its Just a matter of time till one by one everyone leaves. The Morale in the back room is awful. Half the other fighters I Don't even know, everyones out for themselves and yeah its great but its also bad. Theres alot of backstabbing and thats sad for a new company with new stars. But Damian Williams theory is in business, money makes money. Who cares if anyones happy besides him. Damian Williams is on a power trip on the highway to hell and he is halfway there. The only problem is, Damian Williams on his highway to hell, he hired a young buck, Named Jake Jones to be his goon but Jake Jones has become the Anti-christ for Young Damian Williams and Jake Jones is the saviour of a dieing company. Of course Damian Williams thinks the company is swell, or he is covering up his own ass to investors. Who knows, This is a live show, this is a money making show, this is a show that is gonna be fun and its going to say things, that should have been said on national television. I’ll tell you guys a quick story on how this whole Jone Zone came into plans.

(Jake Jones takes a sip of water while the show goes on a break.)

Jake Jones: The Jone Zone wasn’t even an idea by me, The Jone Zone was invented because Jake Jones was being held back in MMA Elite. If I Said something they didn’t like, they would block it out. I Was being censored by Damian Williams, everything I Said had to go through him before it aired, if he didn’t like the way I was saying something in the ring after my match, he would cut my mike or go to a commercial. I Needed To Have my say, so I Went to damian Williams and Tried to work out a truce and he kicked me out of his office. So you know what, theres always someone hirer then you in anything you do. So I Went to the T.V Station Manager, The Channel that lets us show off MMA Elite Action and I Said I Wanted to do my own talk show and they said, Jake Jones You’ve helped us out with MMA Elite, we will help you out with The Jone Zone and here we are.

(Jake Jones looks around and smiles.)

Jake Jones: This is my crib and these are my goons, former MMA fighters, Chris and Josh of English Fame. These guys, have 100 years of knowledge between them in MMA. When they weren’t fighting on streets, they were watching in bars. I haven’t finished talking about Damian Williams yet, Im so upset with the way he does his business. Currently His next Pay per view is razza vs. Hoffman for the title and I Think its bullshit. They’ve booked this whole ppv around two guys with hardly any experience. A Champ who didn’t even show up to the last MMA Elite PPV. A Champ who uses swearing and profanities to get under his opponents skin. He calls people faggots and fucks and uses all these swear words but he thinks he will get a rise out of me; he can have another thing coming. He doesn’t get pressured to do anything, Im pressured into leading this show and im pressured into doing everything, the show doesn’t do well, I Get yelled at for not being on my game. But If damian Williams thinks he can yell at Jake Jones this week for not being on his game, hes got another thing coming because hes my opponent. Hahaha. Hes been listening to me, for once and he feels. Like he can go toe to toe with the best, whos he going to blame this week for not being on his a game. Let me answer that quickly for you in a short answer HIMSELF. I’ve beaten CB, Hes beaten CB. Its only a matter of time, till I beat him again. Last time it was fake wrestling, this time its real Fighting.

(Jake Jones stops his yelling and calms down.)

Jake Jones: Now its time for predictions. Me and my co fighters have agreed on these predictions based on former ppv and statistics. Ricardo Mendoza vs. TBA. This match may not even happen, its basically one of those matches, where if the other matches all finish in the first round, then there will be a bonus to get rid of the extra time. Chris Brooks’s vs. Jake Hughes, I personally reckon Chris brooks, KO First Round, Because I Feel a change for Chris brooks, He comes close but not close enough and this ppv I feel him breaking his losing streak. Damian Williams’s vs. Jake Jones, both of us have defeated CB but I personally reckon im ten times better then Damian Williams. I’ve beaten CB Twice now, I Think its like that, Im double the skill of damian Williams and im just going to have to prove it to him again, this time for real. But seriously, Id never vote against myself, If you ever believe your going to lose, don’t fight, period. Ryan Hoffman vs Da Razza, KO First Round, Ryan Hoffman will win. He beat me and I Want my rematch, I don’t see Da Razza in the same league but yeah, im rooting for Hoffman so when I defeat Williams, I get my rematch and I can prove to the world his win over me was a FLUKE.

(Jake Jones Looks at his watch.)

Jake Jones: Wow, were outta time folks. See You Next week, Im Going to have a poll on our website to see who is going to be the first guest on the Jone Zone next week. See you next week, My Anti-Corporate Followers.


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Re: Debut of the Jone Zone.

Post by kingdamo on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:36 pm

mma elite intereviwer john kimo interviews damian

john:damian what are your thoughts on the jone zone

Damian:HAHA its a joke hes ment to be a fighter and now hes a new reporter and a bad one might i add but as i have said so many times jones is still in the wrestling world so i find it entertaining if he wants to run his mouth for the fans to hate him more go ahead but it wont change the fight result while he is running his mouth i will be training my ass of easy as that what else do you want me to say about this guy he is a complete nutcase and a joke in my eyes

damian walks off



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Re: Debut of the Jone Zone.

Post by JakeJones on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:24 pm

(Press Conference After The Jone Zone Debut. Jake Jones is on the podium and awaits his first question.)

Fan 1: Why did you make the Move from Pro-Wrestling to MMA.

Jake Jones: I needed a change. You see MMA is on the rise at the moment, 1999-2001 wrestling was huge, it still is huge but at the moment MMA is the place to be. Fighters make quadtriple the money wrestlers make and work less days and hours a year. Me and Damian williams have a rivarly of sorts, coming from our old days back in crf and even before that we were friends. But as Damian Williams got in the public picture, his ego changed. My Egos always been big no doubt about that. but somthing hit damian when he won the Judgment world championship and ever since then hes been a changed man. Now hes running this company thanks to alot of investors. His Mind is even more full on ego and He Plainly thinks he can do it all. Damian The Fighter, the Boss, The Finance Person, The VP of personal development, The Kitchen Hand, The Cleaner and The Bartender. He Wants to do everything but unfortunetly for him. He can't do two things right let alone all those things, He Can't fight and He Can't be a boss. if He was a boss, he would of awarded me the championship and let me off the ppv but he changed opponents very quickly and took me off my game strategy and Ryan Hoffman the opportunist like he is took control of the situation which i give him credit for.

Fan 2: Jake Jones, Damian Thinks your still in the wrestling world, any words on that.

Jake Jones: If I Was in the wrestling world, I Would be champion right now and I Would have taken, Damian williams out as soon as possible with a botched steel chair attack. Damian williams has a sour mouth against pro-wrestling because pro-wrestling didn't want damian williams. Damian williams was a cheap rip off of Jake Jones. Damian williams was only good riding Jake Jones coat Tails. Damian Williams is the self proclaimed king of MMA and I haven't seen any skill or anything. He hasn't proven to me that hes better then me. He hasn't proven to anyone, but seriously if the shoe was on the other foot and I had to hire someone to carry my company, I Wouldn't hire Damian Williams. Like He hired me, He Hired me to carry his company and soon hes gonna try to eliminate me and try to see how he can do it all by himself but the only promblem is, hes gonna fail miserably, Try and Hire me back with triple the salary I have now and go bankrupt, because Damian williams isn't a business man. Hes a fighter and a crap one at it, Hes been hit so many times. When the bell rings to end the round, he thinks the match is just starting.

Fan 3: 2 - 1, all 3 of the last main events. You have beat chris brooks twice, do you think you've made your point to him now.

Jake Jones: There was never any point thing about it. I Knew I Was better, I proved it once against chris brooks in the first ppv and I proved it again in the third one. his losing streak is thanks to me and I sincerly hope, Chris brooks can make it back up the ladder to where i can face him again. Beat him for a third time, you see nothings over till the last match. Three Matches and its over, in my book. You verse a guy three times and win all three times, then you were ten times better then him. so far I've beaten him twice but in all honestly. Id love to verse him when he toughens up his chin. If he could last two rounds with me, Id be happy.

Fan 4: When are you getting your rematch against hoffman.

Jake Jones: hopefully soon, ey. Im sick of the way his mouth talks, Fuck this, Fuck that, Faggot there, faggot here. He's an embarrasing champion to say at least, Hes representing the company im apart of and as soon as I knock him off that ladder, the sooner I become the saviour and face of this dieing company. I wanna help grow this company but I Can't do it as Ryan hoffman as champion. No kids can look up to a guy like him. He has a terriost beard and im serious about that, he has the beard of terrorism. You look into his eyes and all you can see is red cold brutality. I wouldn't be a man if i didn't say, he scares me but not with his words. But his face, his face is intimidating, I haven't seen a smile yet, but im sure if he opened his mouth, We would finally know where osama bin ladin has been hiding.

(Jake Jones Takes a sip of water and holds up his hand and then starts to talk.)

Jake Jones: Last Person please and make this a good question.

Fan 5: Why Do you hate everyone.

Jake Jones: Ha, I knew this would come up one of these days. Its a simple fact, that everyone screws everyone. No one gets through life without getting screwed some how. I perfer to make enemies instead of friends, Friends turn on you and it hurts, Enemies are already enemies. I live the single life, The Ex Wife has the brats and i have the mansion. You see whats good for the goose is good for the gander, I am that goose and im also that dam gander. You See Im sick of people thinking of me as a bad guy. I am not a bad guy persay. Im Just a guy that has had alot of promblems in his life. if anything i've conqured diversity, im 1 tenth indian. I Fought the odds, if i was any other indian i would have owned a casino by now. But not me, Im a fighter. I Fight through things, I Fight through racists like ryan hoffman who exploit my race of people. By him hitting me with a sucker punch, he is gonna fall wrath to the rain man once we do our rain dance, hes gonna be in some serious trouble.

(Jake Jones laughs and puts the microphone down as people boo.)

Jake Jones: Easiest 2000 dollars I've ever earned.


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Re: Debut of the Jone Zone.

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