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The Hurricane Is moving

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The Hurricane Is moving

Post by Hughesy on Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:43 pm

(The camera Shows Jake Hughes coming into the room and sit down at the table infront of all the reporters)

Jake Hughes: I would like to thank everyone for coming today, and before we start I would like to officially apologise for my performance, my stand up game is what kept me in the fight to start with, but the fact that I could not work my wrestling and dominate the ground game shows I need to do some work and im sorry I could not show the fans what they wanted.

Reporter 1: Going on from what you have just said, what do you believe was the main reason you could not control the fight against Da Razza?

Jake Hughes: Well he obviously did train hard for the fight and I did not expect him to fight that well, in saying that I was the ground game specialist in the fight and that is where I should have controlled the fight.

Reporter 2: Why do you think your ground game was not up to scratch?

Jake Hughes: Well at Australian Top Team we did lose our other top Ground fighter in Ryan Hoffman, so we had to bring in someone else for me to roll around with who didnt really push me, so I think I was being a bit casual when I got the take downs because thats how I dominated in training camp.

Reporter 3: Well do you think Australian Top Team is still the camp for you?

Jake Hughes: Haha well I am glad you asked that question, this is actually why we are here today, I have decided that Australian Top Team is not where I am going to get the best out of myself any more, So I have decided to join an ex team mate Ryan Hoffman at xtreme Hoffman.

(The people in the room start talking to eachother about the big news)

Reporter 1: What has made you make this move? You have been with Australian Top Team since you started fighting.

Jake Hughes: Yes I have been there for a long time, and they have done a lot for me, that is why it was such a hard decision. But it is time for a change, look at Ryan he made a move and boom, won the title. So I believe if I want to continue improving I need to make this move.

Reporter 3: What does Ryan Hoffman think of the move?

Jake Hughes: He is very excited to train with me again. He called me after the event and asked what was going on with me in the cage, and I didnt really know what to tell him. He thought it might be time to make a move and opened his door for me to come train there. So yer we are both very excited to start training together again, and this should help me and Ryan moving into the future.

Reporter 4: What has Australian Top Team had to say about this?

Jake Hughes: Well they were not happy to start with, but they did accept it. I told them before I told anyone else, and I did sit down and talk to everyone there and thanked them for everything they had done for me and the coaches understood in the end why I was moving and understood it was a correct decision. Also for the record, this isnt a move because of the coaches at Australian Top Team, They were all great to me and made me the fighter I am today and they know I am very greatful for that, alot of the fighters there are still annoyed but hopefully they can grow up and accept my decision like an adult.

(Jake Hughes gets up to leave)

Jake Hughes: I would like to thank everyone for coming today, and yes I will be answering questions later about my up coming fight.

(Jake Hughes leaves the interview with reporters talking to eachother and a few still trying to ask questions)


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