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Ryan Hoffman on Razza, Hughes, Jones and Williams

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Ryan Hoffman on Razza, Hughes, Jones and Williams

Post by goedy18 on Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:27 pm

Joe: Ryan, it's good to see you how are things?

Hoffman: Things have been great joe

Joe: cool, so Elite 4 is coming up and your fighting Da Razza, what are your thoughts on him?

Hoffman: I don't really know to much about him as a person as he just dosn't talk in public but as a fighter he has shown he is a real contender in this devision, but beating Williams dosn't say to much. He has quick powerful hands so i know his strengths ad weaknesses and i think i can capitalise on his weaknesses.

Joe: Humble, do you see him as a threat?

Hoffman: I don't see him as a threat i just see him as another fighter where i will have to be smart to beat him, he's a talented stand up fighter and i've got to be smart when facing a guy who is as quick and strong as him.

Joe: Cool, Now news has just broken that Jake Hughes a long time friend has left ATT (Australian Top Team) to join your new gym xtreme Hoffman, why has this happened?

Hoffman: As we know i saw Hughes winning his last fight easily but that didn't happen and that was because he isn't training with the right people. I spoke to him after the fight and said his wrestling just isn't good enough and we spoke for a while about him joining Xtreme Hoffman and he wasn't to sure if he wanted to make the move but he did the right thing to enhance his future in this sport.

Joe: Now onto something i'm looking forward to hear you talking about Jake Jones.

Hoffman: We all know how i feel about him.

Joe: Come on, what do you think about his talk show?

Hoffman: (sigh) He's a joke not that i like to agree with Damian Williams but you have to on this guy. I've beat him, yet all i ever get asked about is what are my thoughts on him and i have been very vocal about my thoughts on him. I'm sick of it, he has a name back from his wresting days, he's a side show fighter he's a freak in this sport. Him having a show just shows he dosn't deserve to be apart of this sport. He's entertaining yes, smart no, good fighter no. As much as i hate the guy i want him to win his next fight against Williams cause that way it will give me another go at punching him in the face and knocking his ass out.

Joe: You want him to win, wow did not expect that, what do you think about him with all of his remarks about you being a bad role model and a terrorist?

Hoffman: I don't care what he says about me, he can only say thing to make himself feel better about himself, why would he need to feel better about himself? Cause i knocked him the fuck out and i would love to have the opportunity to do it again. As for me being a bad role model, he can't talk. He mentioned about his ex wife, you know why shes an ex???

Joe: Nope

Hoffman: Not many people know this but he has an inny penis. No joke. You can't see his penis!!!

Joe: Hahahahahaha, how do you know this?

Hoffman: Ex wife....(Hoffman smiles and winks) how can kids look up to a guy with no penis.

Joe: So true. Now you have been very vocal about Damian Williams as a boss and a fighter, what do you think of him as a person?

Hoffman: He's a stuck up prick. We went into business with Australian Top Team and he became a money grabbing fuck, and i lost a lot of respect from him. He's the main reason i left ATT and opeed up my own gym.

Joe: How is the gym going?

Hoffman: Things are going great, we have just made a deal with 10th Planet Jui Jitsu. So we now have a new bjj coach in Eddie Bravo who has helped the future UfC Lightweight Champion George Sotiropoulos and now he's helping me and the rest of our gym out in te bjj department.

Joe: Sick, well its been chilled as to talk with you today.

Hoffman: No probs man things are ace as at the moment.

Joe: Any last words?

Hoffman: All the fans out there, come up and say hi, i will always take the time to chill with my fans and watch MMA Elite 4 to see me win.


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