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Damian williams just wants respect from jones

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Damian williams just wants respect from jones

Post by kingdamo on Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:01 pm

today damian was asked about the jones zone and if he will be attending

Damian: if jones wants me on his little tv show i will be more then happy to tell him how im going to rescramble his brains heck he will deffanatly get the ratings he wants if im on his show i guess the show promotes our fight and sells tickets and i want everyone to see me shut the trap of jake jones.

Damain : look at the end of the day all i want is the respect that i deserve from jake jones we all know he is a great fighter and he used to be one of my very close friends but he asked for this fight the first day he joined mma elite and now hes getting the fight he want hes just got no he just has to better hope he can show what he talks and prove hes better then me look when the fight is all said and done win or lose i will shake the guys hand and hope he respects me for the great fighter i am because i respect him as a fighter but not a human i used to and i rekon the old jake jones that i used to be friends with is still in that head of his and i hope to shake that jake jones hand at the end of the night

Damain: there are going to be fireworks me and jones are going to throw untill no tommorrow we have a lot of anger to let out on each other and will get fight of the night..



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