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Breaking News Hoffman Injured?

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Breaking News Hoffman Injured?

Post by goedy18 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:28 pm

It has been leaked that the MMA Elite Light heavyweight champion has suffered a serious injury during training. It is assumed that Hoffman has torn a ligament in his knee. This injury can only be seen as a fight ending possibly even career ending. Here is what Ryan Hoffman had to say about his possible sidelining.

"I have torn my ACL, doctors have advised me that it is best for me to not fight in my upcoming fight against Da Razza. All i can say is that im sorry. Sorry to the doctors cause im here to stay and im always going to fight for the fans no matter how injured i am. Ryan Hoffman will fight against Da Razza. I may be no where close to 100% but im going to put on a show and give the fans what they want." Ryan Hoffman

We can only wish him all the best in his upcoming fight.


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Re: Breaking News Hoffman Injured?

Post by JakeJones on Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:36 am

" Ryan Hoffman is one of those people that garners attention. He likes to be the underdog, He Likes for people to feel sorry for him and I Really don't buy that as championship material. He is more phony then anyone I've met, if he was really injuried like he said he was, why would he compete. Why would he put himself through that, Most fighters Just Get stripped of the title or defer the match. But not ryan hoffman, noo. Ryan Hoffmans gotta get the sob story out of people. He's got to be the underdog champion. The People may buy it, but I don't. But Maybe Im Wrong, Maybe its not a sob story, Maybe he could think his time is up as champion. This could even be an attempt to make the opponent underestimate him. Well at the end, it doesn't really matter if ryan hoffman is champion or da razza. I Perfer Hoffman so I can take that grin off his face but da razza is the silent assassian and ive yet to see him shine." Jake Jones (The Age)


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