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The Hurricane vs Chris Brooks interview with Jake Hughes

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The Hurricane vs Chris Brooks interview with Jake Hughes

Post by Hughesy on Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:01 pm

(The camera shows Jake Hughes sitting down with Scott Steele ready for an interview, Jake Hughes wearing his new xtreme hoffman shirt)

Scott Steele: Ladies and Gentlemen I am here with the new member of xtreme hoffman Jake Hughes and we are here to talk about his up coming fight against Chris Brooks. Jake how are you

Jake Hughes: G'day Scott, man im not bad haha

Scott Steele: You have a big fight coming up against Chris Brooks, how do you feel you will go in this fight.

Jake Hughes: Look straight up, I dont care about Chris Brooks, I will put on a clinic with this guy, he is a no body, and its a waste of time fighting him, I am going to go out there, dominate for my fans, show that xtreme hoffman is the place to be, and make Damian Williams realize it was a big mistake to start talking crap about me!

Scott Steele: wow they are strong words to say coming off a loss

Jake Hughes: Yer well I was at ATT then, training with jokes like Damian Williams, I am now at the number one camp there is, and I am going to prove it in this fight, Chris Brooks is gonna want out of that cage as soon as I get ahold of him, and then Damian Williams I am gonna come and destroy you!

Scott Steele: Yes Damian Williams has had some strong words to say about yourself and your camp.

Jake Hughes: Yer he has, but ya know he is an idiot, he has no clue how hard I have been training, every area of my game has improved and now we are training with Eddie Bravo people have more to worry about, dont you worry, you wait and see how much that little punk it shitting it after my fight. He wont wanna enter the cage with me. No one will.

Scott Steele: Wow they are some big time words from a big time fighter, do you have anything else you would like to say?

Jake Hughes: First off I would like to let my fans know, I am sorry for my last fight and I have been working hard to make sure nothing like that happens again, I love them all and they should never have to see a performance like that from me. Chris Brooks, that poor guy has no idea what he is getting himself into haha. Oh Damian Williams, after Im finished tearing Chris Brooks apart, I am coming for you and I garuntee, I will knock you out!

(Jake Hughes gets up and leaves)

Scott Steele: Well there ya have it people! tempers are starting to boil over, what an event this is building up to be!


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