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Post Fight Interview with Ryan Hoffman

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Post Fight Interview with Ryan Hoffman

Post by goedy18 on Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:39 am

John Smith: John Smith here form MMA.COM, Im here with the former champion Ryan Hoffman. Tough Fight.

Ryan Hoffman: It was, got to give him credit, i knew he had good stand up he was able to keep the fight on the feet and when i took him down he was smart and didn't give me any opening to land my ground and pound.

Johns Smith: Did you underestimate his wrestling defence?

Ryan Hoffman: No not really, i was able to take him down with ease but he was smart of his back and just stopped me from using my game plan, which was to pound him out.

John Smith: This is your first title defence and first loss for the company how do you feel?

Ryan Hoffman: I've lost before in my career it does suck, but this loss lets me look at my mistakes and i will become an even better fight and will reclaim my title as soon as possible.

John Smith: Jake Hughes looked incredible out there, what can you say about his win?

Ryan Hoffman: He made a switch in camps which can sometimes effect you negative manner but the switch he made was a huge improvement, he fit in well with the crew and he was able to show what happens when you train at a real camp.

John Smith: With this loss comes a big opportunity with a possible rematch with Jake Jones, and with Williams talking a lot about you and Hughes a possible match up there, what are your thoughts?

Ryan Hoffman: Everyone knows i want the Jones fight and Hughes will be more than happy to take out williams. In the back there was talk that Jones has actually joined Australian Top Team camp, which means the next ppv could be a camp v camp. Which is ace as, cause Xtreme Hoffman will be able to show it is the better camp.

John Smith: That would be cool to see, any last words?

Ryan Hoffman: Sorry to all my fans out there, sorry i couldn't get the win but i will be back stronger, faster, fitter than ever. Much love.

John Smith: There you have Ryan Hoffman humble as ever after his first defeat in MMA Elite.


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