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The Hurricane Interview few days after MMA Elite 4

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The Hurricane Interview few days after MMA Elite 4

Post by Hughesy on Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:04 pm

(The camera show Jake Hughes standing infront on the cage at the Exreme Hoffman gym with Scott Steele as a few amatuer guys roll around sparring in the cage)

Scott Steele: Jake well done on your big win at MMA Elite 4

Jake Hughes: Thanks man, it was a must win fight for me, and I did what I said I would do this time.

Scott Steele: What do you think was the biggest advantage you had over Chris Brooks?

Jake Hughes: Well I knew coming into the fight that I could stand up and trade punches with him since I deffinatly had a good reach advantage, and I knew with all the training we had been doing here especially with 10th planet jui jitsu and Eddie Bravo coming on board, my ground game was gonna be where I could win the fight if I got into some trouble. But ya know when it canme to the fight, I dominated basicaly the whole fight! I was taking him down with ease, controlling the ground, I caught him in a nice submission but was unable to finish there, stand up he did connect with some nice shot but I was never in real trouble and was tagging him all over the place. So yer I really dominated in every area of the fight.

Scott Steele: Your next opponent will be Damian Williams, he had some things to say to you after his fight against Jake Jones, did you see what he had to say? and what are your thoughts on this match up?

Jake Hughes: Yer I saw what he said, and really I dont care what that punk has to say. Look I know Damian is a good fighter and if I do not go in ready for a war there is a good chance I might lose, but as I said he is a good fighter, but not a great fighter. It's the reason I left ATT there is no 'great' competition for me to train with there. So yer I think it will be a good fight, a good war, cause we both wanna destroy each other, but he doesnt worry me, and nothing he says does either.

Scott Steele: A good friend and training partner Ryan Hoffman is fighting Jake Jones which should be a good fight.

Jake Hughes: Yer that will be good to watch cause again they both hate each other as well, but again its good vs great, I dont think Ryan will have to much of a problem getting back on the winners list at Elite 5 and Extreme Hoffman will come out 2 and 0

Scott Steele: Thank you for your time today Jake, Goodluck for your fight and I dont think anyone can wait for August 1st!

Jake Hughes: Hey too easy man and thankyou, I cant wait for August 1st as well haha. hey I just wanna give a quick shout out, I will be doing a signing at the MMA Factory in two days, hope to see all my great fans there.... Oh and Damian, your a dick man

(Jake Hughes shakes Scott Steeles hand and walks off to go start training)

End of scene


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