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I Joined Damian Willaims, But Im The Leader!

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I Joined Damian Willaims, But Im The Leader!

Post by JakeJones on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:54 am

(Jake Jones is seeing running to the arena with trackies and a red tank top. He Seems a bit sweaty and has an ipod on listening to miley cyrus. Jake Jones Gives a few of the backstage people a thumbs up. They walk past and shake there heads in surprise. Jake Jones Goes to water fountain and takes a sip of water before running to his locker room, Just as he is about to get to the door, an Interviewer gets in his way and Jake Jones bumps into him. The Interviewer falls to the ground and then Jake Jones grabs his arm and Picks him back up and fixes up his hair before speaking.)

Jake Jones: Wow, what a wonderful Day, I Mean I Joined The Australian Top Team with my former foe, Tied all the knots became friends once again to dominate MMA Elite. Ryan Hoffman had a great match and Lost the MMA Elite Light Heavyweight Championship to a competent champion, Da Razza. Nothing could be better, I Feel Great, I Feel Proud, I Feel like im actually happy. I Mean Im Happy with how this is going, Actually.

(Jake Jones Throws his ipod on the floor in disgust and Grabs The Interviewer and pulls him towards him.)

Jake Jones: Do I Look happy to you, I Finnally get my Rematch with Hoffman and His lost his championship. To Da Razza, the Silent robber of the night. He Didn't Just Beat hoffman, He Robbed me of my rematch. I Need Some Closure, My Closure was supose to be at MMA Elite 5, Once again, Didn't happen. Plan Gone out the window, New Plan Needed. Huh. Lets Talk about Da Razzas Victory, it was pure dominance on his part, Im actually Upset that ryan hoffman was crap and he beat me. Da Razza is good, I'll admit it, not as good as me of course. But Good. Too Bad, hes only champion till I Take over.

(Jake Jones Smacks around the interviewer before speaking again.)

Jake Jones: The Chris Brooks CB Losing Streak Continues, He May Be, No Wait. He Is The Worst Fighter in MMA Elite History, I Wonder how long till He gets sacked. I look forward to it, I always said he was a waste of space and money and hes proven what I've said perfectly, Thankyou Chris brooks. Thankyou. Rant On Jake Hughesy Start Here, End Here. Jake Hughes No Comment, Nothing to say, Hes Not worth one single insult, Complement, Acknowledgement, Hes nothing.

(Jake Jones Pushes the interviewer he falls to the floor for the second time, Jake Jones ignores this and Picks up the microphone and continues on.)

Jake Jones: Ryan Hoffman, The Hoffdogga, The Hoffshizzle, The Hoffatemydingo and also known as the former light heavyweight champion of the world. Wow stings, I Think it does. I Think he's a little hurt, His pride Squashed, His balls have shrunk into his underwear. I Feel bad for the man, NOTTTT......His championship reign, was a Fluke. I Couldn't even win one title defence. One title defence, He talked so much, his ego got higher and higher till Eventually He got Knocked the Hell Out. Ryan Hoffman is currently annoying me, it ain't his beard. Its his trademark word, thats Annoying me. ACE. I Hate that word, I Really hate that word. Is it because, when I Dominated people in tennis, they would yell ace or was it because I beat people with Pocket Aces or was it because Im an ace and him using that word insults me. I am the Ace card of MMA Elite. Im Superior to everyone, I am definition 5 of that word, im An expert in a given field. That field is everything, Im an expert in everything, I Do. Ryan Hoffman, You Will need alot of love from me if you think your going to be getting your second win at the expense of Jake Jones, Double J.

(Jake Jones Pauses and laughs as he thinks about somthing.)

Jake Jones: I Joined The Australian Top Team, Yes, I Did. Why, I Don't really know, I Think I Just wanted to piss ryan hoffman off a little bit more. You see, I needa get under his skin. I Needa Play with his mind, I Joined My Enemy for that reason and that reason only. Now I Threw that fight, For Damian Williams because, I needed him to know how serious i was. He thinks he won against me, I'll let him think it because hes no longer my main objective. My Main objective is ryan and then da razzas championship. Now, Let me get one thing straight. I ain't changing the name, even thoe I think its a little crap. But I Ain't no follower, I am the leader of The Australian Top Team. I ain't second to no one, I Respect Damian Williams, But if he Gets in the way of my championship, I will take him and whoever elses ass out. Damian Williams, Tried his best to lead The Australian Top Team, but frankly He failed and thats why he lost all his members and I Worked out a deal with him. Where Id Help him out, Make him look good and Id get my rematch and My championship match if I Won the rematch. So, I think its a win win situation for everyone, Besides Hoffman, Because he may be cheering he gets a shot for a rematch but He has to try and beat me for a second time and beating me twice is harder then my abs.

(Jake Jones Holds up his one finger.)

Jake Jones: Im Soon to be Number 1, Once again. I Just Hope, Damain knows, if he backstabbs me, I will end his life and end this company in law suit after law suit.


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