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Ryan Hoffman "the fight has already been won"

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Ryan Hoffman "the fight has already been won"

Post by goedy18 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:31 am

Jeff: Im here at XtremE Hoffman MMA with the one and only Ryan Hoffman, hows are you?

Hoffman: Im good.

Jeff: Now your next fight is up against Jones but before we talk about that, you lost your first fight in MMA Elite against the silent assassin Da Razza, what are your thoughts on your last performance?

Hoffman: I wasn't good enough, he has good stand up and he caught me with an elbow. It was a close fight up until that point but i wasn't able to capitalise on my chances and he was able to walk away the winner.

Jeff: Ok, now your next fight is against Jake Jones, i guess you could say he is someone you dislike a lot, how do you see this fight going?

Hoffman: He's a joke in this sport, the fight has already been won by me, i've beaten him before and ill beat him again. If he thinks training at Australian Top Team is going to improve his chance of winning he's wrong your better of getting drunk, doing heavy amounts of drugs, sleeping with crack whores then training there, but it wouldn't surprise in the least if he already does that.

Jeff: Now MMA Elite 5 is ATT v XtremE Hoffman, so there is pride on the line does this make the fights you are involved in more important?

Hoffman: There is pride on the line for sure but it won't add any more pressure in the fight, all i have to do is follow my game plan and i should be fine, and same goes for Jake Hughes against Damian Williams.

Jeff: I glad you have brought up Williams, what are your thoughts on his new attitude towards the general public?

Hoffman: He's been hanging out with Jones to much, but he's always been a dick, there is a reason why i left and why Hughes left ATT and it was because of him. He has a big head and he thinks he's the best at this sport but he's a nobody, Myself and Hughes would walk all over him back in the day.

Jeff: So what is your opinion on Jones and Williams training together?

Hoffman: I really don't care. They are both terrible fighters and your going to see a clean sweep as XtremE Hoffman will win both fights.

Jeff: Thanks for your time.

Hoffman: No Probs.


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