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hoffman is a joke

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hoffman is a joke

Post by kingdamo on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:21 am

damian williams and jake jones are both beeing interviewed as a team

JOE;hi guys im here with australian top team lead members damian williams and jake jones now you guys are fighting in a weeks time how are u guys felling are u 100%

Damian:we are perfect for these fights nothing is going to stop us from beeing the number 1 camp

Joe:damian what are your comments on ryan hofman calling jake jones first fight an easy fight?

Damian Williams:well i was in first row that night and i wanted hoffman to win i wanted this guy here out of mma elite and to be honest that first round i thought jones was going to prove me wrong hoffman had been fucked up in that first round and then he got the knock out what can i say it was a lucky punch but thats not gona happen this time we trained up jake jones as good as he can get jones will win this time and he will bring respect to the name australian top team

JOE: now jones nice show last night i really liked it anyway how is your friendship with damian williams

(waiting for jones to reply)



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Re: hoffman is a joke

Post by JakeJones on Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:53 pm

(Jake Jones Grabs the Microphone off The Interviewer Angrily.)

Jake Jones: Friendship, Did you Just ask me how my friendship was going with damian williams. Well for starters, There is no friendship involved. I Ain't friends with that man, That man is my opponent and everyone in MMA who is or could be my future opponent is my enemy. Now Damian williams and Me, Might not be friends but we are allies, Im using him and He's using me. No Gay Friendship about it, Just personal Business were taking care of as we go. Now Damian Williams is a guy I have a lot of respect for probably more then all these guys because we go way back and history is a very importaint part to me.

Joe: Jake Jones, How did you feel after your Jone Zone interview with Ryan Hoffman.

Jake Jones: My Interview worked out in my favor, personally. I Saw Ryan Hoffman dig deep to try and hurt me and He couldn't hurt me, I Could see sadness in his eyes. He's very depressed with losing his championship and losing his number 1 ranking to da razza. First loss is always depressing and Im going to take advantage of that. My Mind game going into it, is that ryan hoffman is trying to recover and get back on his game and im gonna try my best to stop him and knock him down the ladder.

Joe: What Do You think about Damian Williams vs Hughesy Match.

Jake Jones: Honestly Joe, I Couldn't care less. its not my match, I don't have anything to win or lose, so there's no point in me watching it. But after Damian williams match with me, id say he will win it. because anyone that can go toe to toe with me has heart.

(Jake Jones Smiles after that comment to Damian and then looks back at Joe.)
Joe: Any Last comments.

Jake Jones: Before I Joined The Australian Top Team it was Just a name, now its for real.


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