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Press Conference held by Rya Hoffman

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Press Conference held by Rya Hoffman

Post by goedy18 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:39 pm

(Hoffman walks to the stage grabs a microphone looks out at all the people and begins to talk.)

Ryan Hoffman: With all jokes aside i would like to make a statement, i will not take any questions i am only here to state the facts.

As we all saw i appeared on the Jones Zone as i was contracted to, i did not expect us to get into a heated arrgument but one could only assume it was bound to happen. During the war of word my wallet was stolen from me, to which i was to find a bill in my mail costing me up to $62,000. This was because of the identity theft done by the one and only Jake Jones.

Now i have taken these matters to the police and Jones will be arrested for these criminal charges. If he thinks it's ok to steal peoples identity and money he has another thing coming, that being jail time. He is a low life scum and im sure he will enjoy his time being raped but to him that will be just a normal day in the Jones household.

That is all i have to say on the matter, i will answer no questions about this ever, it is a criminal act to speak about it. Thank you very much.


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